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NEEDED: First-time Fathers of Infants aged between 1 and 12 months.

***Participants will be offered the opportunity to enter a draw to WIN a $100 Bunnings voucher at the end of the study***

I'm a student researcher from the University of Newcastle investigating the thought experiences of first-time fathers during their transition to fatherhood with a focus on the negative thought experiences. Unfortunately, negative thought experiences are more generally associated with poor mental health outcomes or an inability of new parents to cope with the transition to parenthood. Although negative thinking can indeed be indicative of mental health concerns, they may also serve to make us more attentive parents! For example, a new fathers experiencing concerns for his infants safety may be more diligent in ensuring and preparing the infant's environment to ensure safety. With this in mind, the current study aims to identify the fine line that distinguishes the negative thoughts that are natural and healthy during the transition to fatherhood and those that may be indicative of more serious mental health concerns such as paternal postnatal depression.

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This study has been approved by the Human Ethics Research Committee at the University of Newcastle (H-2014-0137) and is conducted under the supervision of chief supervisor Dr Linda Campbell.

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