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    Thanks for all your replies, yes my DS is almost 2 I have him on the inner health plus immune boost. He just seems to catch everything an always gets a fever that won't budge so they won't accept him to daycare plus I wouldn't send him if it meant other kids could catch it.

    With my last job the reason they let me go was they needed a full timer an at that time I couldn't commit plus didn't feel very reliable! I'm hoping my new boss will be more understanding. I will look into babysitters / nanny's they are great ideas! Hopefully my DS is better so I can go back Friday, I should mention that my DH would usually spilt DS care with me but he's a project manager and is on site most this week finalising his projects so this week it's just me

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    And people think discrimination on the basis of family responsibilities is not real. Sigh.


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