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    My 18 month old says mum, dad, ball, dinetor (dinosaur), Harley (dog) and up. Not much more. He is normal.

    I wouldn't stress too much yet. He's only young and if he is working in improving his walking he may not focus in his speech for a little bit. Kids can really home in on one skill before they move on to another.

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    Oh I'm sorry to hear your worries but also glad you wrote this post! My son is 19months old also and I have just today put a post up about delays with him! I too have had the autism query because other people we're asking me. He only says dad at the moment used to say mum and truck but hasn't now in some time also very occasionally says ta. We are seeing a speech therapist (only had one session so far) she has said to me at this age he is slightly behind with speech but not concerning BUT the most important thing at his age is that he's starting to understand some of what I'm saying. He knows quite a bit such as in the bin, outside, where's the cat, where's your shoes, brush your hair.
    He was a bit late wth walking too, didn't start till 15months old. Crawling wasn't till 10months.
    I was told by a paed not to worry about autism unless there is serious concerns such as affection with you and dad, very quiet and VERY unusual arm flapping and tempers.

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    Hi Sapphiremac,

    Thanks so much for your reply. You have really put my mind at ease. My son is not quiet at all (he is very noisy with all his constant baby babble) and he is an extremely affectionate boy (loves cuddles with mum and dad) so I really don't think the autism thing is even worth worrying about.

    It is really reassuring to chat to people on forums like this who have children with similar developmental delays, makes me feel like I am not alone.

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    Sounds like their could be some ASD traits there so it would be a good idea to get an assessment done for piece of mind and if they have some concerns,early interventions because they are key for kids on or possibly on the spectrum.

    can I also add,not to worry you but to educate,

    Children on the spectrum are not all quiet,lacking affection or have tempers.
    Autism comes in many many different forms.My child who has autism is the most affectionate of all my children,is extremely social,loves to laugh and play and does not have an aggressive bone in her body.And she just so happens to be non verbal (she's 5) and on the more severe end of the autism spectrum (mostly because of her speech and language impairments)

    It's really important not to rely on those kinds of behaviors as a sole barometer when it comes to assessing for autism.If you have any concerns about ASD (and sorry,but from what you listed,I'd be seeking an assessment for sensory processing disorder,at least) get on the path to finding out NOW.Dont wait.The diagnosis timeline can be long and exhausting.

    it took us until my child was 4.5 to get her officially diagnosed and we started the process when she was 2.

    I hope all turns out for the best.


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