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    Default choosing a private insurance company

    Hi everyone,

    As some of you may know, we've just had our first topic regarding whether to go public or private and had so many helpful replies - thank you. We really appreciate it.

    With everyone's help, we have decided to sign up for a private, but also continue to learn about public system too so we are prepared just in case we need to go public.

    So now, which private insurance to go with - is our next big question!

    We are near Toowoomba, so most likely going with St Vincent, which has great reputation and we know many people who had their babies there.
    We've called them and have been advised that they have good relationship with most of the major companies, as long as we have at least the intermediate covers.

    From this forum and our friends, Medibank and Bupa seems to be really good companies. We've also heard Frank and Peoplecare are great? As my hubby is in QLD education, we are also looking at TUH.

    Anyone with those 5 companies or have had good/bad experience with them?

    Also, if we could get some advice on what are the crucial factors we need to be looking at (such as the baby will be covered too etc.), the things we need to make sure that's covered in that plan, that would be great.
    I'll be doing some calling around tomorrow and want to make sure I know what I should be asking!

    Thanks again

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    We are with frank - they have been great so far. Really easy to deal with and there website is great to navigate.

    Our policy is a lot less than if we were with Medicare.

    Not sure about his they will be with the arrival of bub - soon to find out


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