The eldest seems to be responding to the routine. He goes down now and sleeps. However it's the DS2 that is proving to be the real problem. It's nearly 1am and he's still awake, protesting about going to sleep. I can't put him in the room with his brother as he keeps waking him up and the poor kid can't get a good night's sleep. So he's flying around the room like he's on crack. I just don't understand it. He doesn't get processed foods, no soft drinks, juices etc. We wormed him last week to ensure parasites weren't keeping him up. I'm online looking for some solutions and they all point to trite little theories that just don't make any sense or apply to this situation.

And you know what? I've given up for the night. I've moved my infant into another room and put DS2 in the lounge and he can run around for as long as he wants until he runs out of steam. I've been going at this for six hours....for the third time this week and I'm done. I need some sleep.

Good night