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i have just been finally diagnosed with endometriosis its taken the drs a while but my ivf specialist had me do an MRI and he picked it up straight away so i feel relief knowing the source of my pain. i have had my left tube removed due to scarring and am about to have my right one removed in the next couple of months i also have a septate uterus and im getting the septum removed as well. i have been quite ill with the endo though lots of bowel problems that had to be fixed in my last surgery as well and lots of vomiting as well cant wait for it all to be cleaned out and maybe feel a little less pain!!
You are not alone, and speaking from first hand experience, you will feel so much better after the operation. I have written more on my journey in this thread, but I shall copy and paste it here so that you do not have to go looking. I hope my story can bring some comfort to others who have the same condition.

My periods since I was in my mid 20s (I am 38 now) have been very irregular and when they come, I get excruciating period pains along with non stop vomiting, which lasts for about 3 days and severe dehydration, which would nearly always land me in the emergency department at hospital. I would also consume a lot of panadeine forte and numerous anti vomiting medication, which would only help a little.

The painful periods, vomitting and the fact that hubby and I have been TTC unsuccessfully for the past 3 years made me see the doctor middle of last year 2013. I did an ultrasound where the doctors found I had PCOS.

Keyhold surgery was performed and it was while the doctors were performing the surgery that they found out I had severe endometriosis (One of the more severe cases the doctor had seen, he told me).

On the 5th of August this year, I had a laporoscopy to remove the endometriosis. Since the operation, my periods have been pretty regular coming at the end of the month (I have had 3 cycles so far). Furthermore, the pain is gone, slight cramping is all I feel now. I only had to take a nurofen on the first day of my period and I am fine. I am amazed at the change!

Note: some doctors will try and tell you that you can still get pregnant without treating the endometriosis (not easy to do), or that once you are pregnant the endometriosis will stop growing, please do not listen to them. Get the operation, endometriosis can cause a difficult pregnancy and the higher chance of a miscarriage, especially if it is a severe case.

Hubby and I have been trying to conceive for the past couple of years and now realised the endometriosis was the issue. Now that it has been removed and my periods somewhat in a normal, regular cycle, the doctors told me I should not have any problems conceiving soon, as a normal cycle indicates a success with the operation.

You are not alone in this, but take comfort that if you have the operation your life will be so much better! Good luck!

Hubby and I decided to give my body 3 months to recover before TTC.
I have been testing with the clearblue ovulation kit and I seem to get my LH surge pretty much 14 days after my period Nothing like before where I may never get a LH surge or get a peak a couple of times in the same cycle (indication of unsuccessful ovulation and the body trying again at a later stage).

Now the 3 months is up, I got my smiley face today after testing for the last 4 days. So, once hubby comes home from work... ... fingers crossed!