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    Question CSA question

    Hi Guys

    I know I am not single, but I thought you guys might have an idea about this one.

    Every two months or so I get a letter saying there is a change in frequency of my payments. It seems to go from week to monthly and back the other way. It says that the overall assessment hasn't change for the year. The amount in this letter is about $3 less or so per week than the previous letter.

    Oh he is self employed and works in construction

    I will give them a call tomorrow, but I just saw the letter then.

    Not like he is paying anything anyway

    Any ideas??

    Thank you

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    I can't answer but just to let you know I get the same thing. The payments used to be monthly, then they were weekly, and sometimes they come in fortnightly. It's all over the shop. Also the assessments change unexpectedly, but then when I update details (like my income, care % etc) they don't seem to take it into account.

    It's just an inadequate system, but I find that it helps get things sorted out to call them and hang on the line til someone who knows what they're talking about gets on. It's good in a way that my ex doesn't bother dealing with them as I can just do it all. If he doesn't respond to their letters, calls etc they are more willing to work with me


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