Hello. We have just been advised that our only chance of fulfilling our dream of having a baby would be an Egg Donor. We are a couple very much in love, financially secure and with a nice home on acreage in Queensland; the perfect place for raising a little one! My husband constantly tells me that he can't wait to have a baby with me and I feel so blessed to have so much love and enthusiasm, yet gutted that I can't produce eggs.
We are looking for a generous Angel to make our lives complete. Please, please, can you help us? You could choose whether you wanted to play a small part in the baby's life or not; if you want it to be totally anonymous, that would be fine, but if you wanted involvement, that would be fine too; we would just be so, so, very grateful to have any opportunity.
Will someone please help us?
Of course, we would pay all costs. If you're of the right age group and without any serious medical issues, we would dearly love to hear from you. We've been told to get cracking on this journey as time is running out for us and I'm starting to feel bereft already.
You would completely change our lives if you could help us with the gift of Life.
Thanks for reading our post. With much love from L & N xxx