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    Default Anyone work in project management?

    Do you like it? Is the work interesting/fulfilling? Are there plenty of employment opportunities? What would you consider the pros and cons of the job? Would you consider it to be family friendly?

    I have a law degree and until having children worked as a lawyer (private practice) but don't want to go back to that once I finish having kids so I'm considering doing a Masters in project management.

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    Project management knowledge will help you get a job in heaps of industries - lots of industries get things done via projects, so if you have qualifications in that it will really help. I work in natural resource management (environmental/agriculture stuff) and our staff need to know how to plan a project and manage it to get things done, continually evaluate how it's going and report on its progress.

    It can be very interesting/fulfilling depending on your chosen industry. I don't know about employment opportunities, your best bet would be to talk to a recruitment consultant or someone at the Australian Institute of Project Management. I would think there are probably not a lot of employment opportunities right now as a lot of industries are downsizing due to government funding cuts and often project management positions are the first to go, but don't take my word for it.

    Definitely family friendly with the right employer - you don't always have to be in the office to work. If you have internet at home you can access emails, read documents, write reports etc after the kids have gone to to bed. Just remember that 'working from home' isn't that easy with kids underfoot - I've tried it and kids will not always play happily in the corner on their own for hours on end while mummy gets her work done - didn't happen in my case!!!

    Pros of the job - family friendly, great sense of achievement if you like bringing people together to accomplish things, lots of established procedures and examples to follow if you need them, don't always have to reinvent the wheel

    Cons of the job - may have to put in long hours to get things done, depending on the type of project you may need to be contactable all the time by staff and clients and delivery partners, sometimes management can cut your project budget/time without your consent and you just have to adapt and get things done.

    HTH, good luck!
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