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    Default things your child understands but SO struggles.

    This evening it dawned on me, although DH is a wonderful person and provider, some extremely BASIC "chores" around the house are understood by our 2 dd's (2 & 3) but DH can not seem to comprehend. After dinner, as we eat before DH as he likes to eat late, dd's clear their plates on put them in the sink (I don't yet expect them to stack the dishwasher) but DH just leaves it behind him. The clincher tonight was, dinner was on the stove (safely!!) and I was taking in washing. I hear the back door close, I then hear dd1 calling for me, I call out where I am and she pops her head out the door and says "oh there you are mum, I've just popped the heater on and was closing the doors to keep it cosy inside" as she knows the heater doesn't go on before dinner (it doesn't have any open flame or anything to burn). Anyway DH comes in the house opens the front door and the back door wide then leaves to the garage to keep repairing his car.
    In that moment I thought, how f'ing hard is it when a 3 year old gets it!!

    am I alone here, or are other SO like this???

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    DS takes his shoes off as soon as we get home and puts them in his shoe cupboard
    DH takes his shoes off as soon as he gets home and leaves them all over the house!

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    Now DH is working away, the week he is back I'm REALLY noticing these things!

    Mind you, he was trying to teach DD how important it is to untie her laces when she takes her shoes of, not kick them off and then have to untie them in the morning.
    That night he was complaining that it's a simple task and "sureley it just makes sense, why doesn't she do it". Then asked me to back him up since I get her ready most mornings. I just had to smile and say "um, you should go look at all my runners in our robe". Me = 6 year old this time!


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