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    I have a PhD in psychology, but not my clinical training (masters component), which means I am a research psychologist and I have provisional registration status, but I don't see or treat clients. I did 8 years at university from start to finish to gain my PhD. As PP have said, getting into Honours is hard, and you typically need a first class Honours to go on further to do Masters and/or PhD, but not always. The academic pressure can be quite intense. It's a hard, expensive road, but in my opinion it was completely worth it. I am employed as a research fellow at a university and I work in trauma and mental health research, which is very rewarding. Jobs are competitive but not impossible in my experience, especially if you are willing to relocate.


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    I've been working as a psychologist for almost eight years now. I completed a four year psych degree, then also completed a grad dip ed (majoring in school psychology). I've been working in schools ever since (public and private, and rural and metro) and I love it I am in WA where the vast majority of counsellors in schools are psychologists, but I know it's different in every state. I've had a few friends branch out into different things and they haven't had too much trouble finding jobs, but I acknowledge that it's easier doing that when you are experienced and fully registered. Good luck with it - it's a pretty good field to work in. And I think you learn on the job how to separate work and everything else. It's a necessity - you won't last in the profession if you can't do it. It really helps to have good colleagues you can debrief with after a full on day and that is what your supervisor will be for as well.


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