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    Default Needle phobia in Adelaide

    Hi everyone!
    I'm brand new to the forum, and am newly pregnant for the first time (7 weeks).
    I'm doing some research at which hospital I want to birth at, and was wondering if anyone could help with my decision.
    I have a severe needle phobia and have horrible panic attacks associated with this. I realise that I'm not going to be able to avoid needles altogether, but I'm looking for a hospital/OB that is going to be sympathetic to this and respect my wishes to try other pain relief methods and avoid unnecessary intervention. I need to feel in control and supported and not like I'm going to be steamrolled or get given a sneaky needle. I'd love to have a bath in my room, so that's something else to consider.
    We have private cover, but I'm happy to go public if that's going to be a better option.
    Has anyone else experienced this, and can recommend a hospital or OB that sounds like they might fit?

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    Hi! I have a 2 year old DD and she was born at the Womens and Children's Hospital.

    I highly recommend them and I would also apply to get into Midwifery group practice. Its when you see just 1 midwife throughout your pregnancy and they will be there at the birth as well.

    They get to know you and your issue with needles and they are VERY good at helping you stick to your birth plan.

    I was adamant I didn't want an epidural as the needle and tube freaked me out, so they were offering me every pain relief under the sun before it all,got too much and nothing worked but I ended up with an epidural but only as I was getting sick from the pain. So they are very good at adhering to your wishes.

    Unfortunately there's only two birthing suites with a bath but they all have showers.

    The stats also say the levels of intervention in private hospitals are often higher than public.

    Oh and also, sometimes needles are unavoidable in these circumstances:

    Inductions (if the gels don't work)
    Anesthetic if they need to do an episiotomy
    If you have strep b - you need to go on a drip with antibiotics to stop,your bub from getting a nasty infection

    Good luck with your decision!

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    Normally if you choose public you have to go to nearest to where you live. I looked your postcode so you would be flinders. You will need to ring and apply for the birth centre section if you would like a bath experience. I would do that soon. I had all blood taken from
    Imvs. You can let them know beforehand about your anxiety and see what they suggest.


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