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    Default How do I cope? Test results exacerbating anxiety disorder

    So further to my thread in the pregnancy section, I've had a couple of blood tests lately & my white blood cell count is up. At first I thought it was my haemaglobin (because the gp can't explain things properly) but it seems like it is definitely my white blood cells. Last blood test they were 12.4 & now they are 13.6 I've had a bit of a sniffle lately but nothing more than that.

    Saw the gp today & he wouldn't give me any information other than 'I don't know what is causing it, we will have to do further tests' and gave me another blood test slip to do in June, testing some other things as well this time.

    I have no idea what this means & I'm freaking out! All I can think about is leukemia or something like that.

    I told the gp that uncertainty is elevating my anxiety levels sky high but he just said he doesn't know what is wrong & that I just have to see it that we are investigating it. Yeh, like that helps.......

    He gave me some stuff to show the ob at my appointment on Monday, so he just said we have to go from there (see what the ob wants to do).

    I'm terrified I'm going to die or be too sick to look after my baby. I'm also terrified that whatever is wrong is going to affect my baby - the gp couldn't really tell me whether or not that is the case either. He was actually pretty useless & couldn't really tell me anything. Just that it is 'some kind of infection or inflammation & we need to do further tests'.

    I don't know how to cope with this. I had multiple panic attacks after the results of my first blood test, I honestly don't think I can cope with that again.

    I just want this to be over. I just want to know what is going on. Mostly I just want to have this baby. At least then I'll know that the baby is ok so I can focus on myself.

    How do I cope with this?

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    I've had elevated white cell count at all blood tests I've had through my pregnancy (I'm up to about 5 tests now). My OB sent me off for the further testing recently and there are no underlying indicators of anything being wrong. My OB told me that some women just have elevated white cells during pregnancy. They will continue to monitor me with regular blood tests but there were no causes for concern in the results.

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