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    Quote Originally Posted by Koarlo View Post
    The TV is never on when my 9month old ds is up and I would never intentionally allow him to watch TV, but I am just wondering if others do. At least 3 other people I know over the past 2 weeks have mentioned their babies favourite TV shows. One friend said "I've just put all ds's favourite tv shows on the iPad, he loves it" he's only 9months old. Another friend sent me a pic of her 7month old sitting in front of the tv and said "Getting ready for his fav, peppa pig!". Surely they're too young to have favourite TV shows and if they really do like them, how much TV are they watching?! Is this the norm, am I the strange one? At the moment I seem to be the odd one out.

    Do you intentionally put the TV on for your baby?
    Okay, so I haven't read other responses, but I am assuming people will have strong opinions on this. Here are mine.

    Firstly, I think it's really easy to never have your child watching tv when you only have one child. For people with two or more it gets harder to have a moral objection to the tv.

    Secondly, it's a personal decision based on the temperament of your child. My eldest son who is gifted was intently interested in the tv from about four months and would laugh at the same jokes on baby Einstein videos so I could tell he was engaging with the program and not just watching a blur of colours as some researchers have suggested. My second couldn't have been less interested in tv and was much happier to play. Is still that way. My youngest isn't into tv and has only just at 18 months started to watch the wiggles, but he's very fussy and will only watch certain programs. It most certainly is possible for kids to have favourite programs.

    Thirdly, I don't care what the research says about the negative impacts of tv. For me the are far outweighed by the little bit of sanity that is gained by half and hour of peace. If your child isn't as demanding as those of others then I can see why this may not seem reasonable.

    Finally, people who choose to refrain from exposing their children to tv are not better than mums who choose to let them. It's a personal choice, no right or wrong and there should be no judgement.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Allie Pallie View Post
    As per your first post, I'm happy to agree to disagree on this as I know different things to be true for different people too.

    it wasn't me however that said good luck when your child is older, that was someone else.Yes I know that, and I didn't say you did, you quoted me and I responded to you. Originally I didn't quote anyone, but from memory there were three responses that basically told the OP she would need to use an ipad with her toddler. I was just pointing out that it wasn't the case.

    as yes some of you hit it in the head, I'm constantly being judged for how my daughter acts and all I can ever think is, you just don't knows what it must be like. For example she never sits with me for music time at playgroup, she runs off and continues to flit between the different toy stations, much to the group leaders clear annoyance. But what am I to do? I've tried getting her and bringing her back to sit on my lap, but she screams blue murder. I've tried reasoning with her, leaving playgroup right then and she misses out on her stamps - they don't work either.

    its bad enough I have to see the other chilled out, relaxed kids sit with their parents singing songs while I sit there by myself as DD explores more of her world, I bet they are the type of kids who will happily play with a teddy or a colouring in book in a cafe. Either that or their parents have the patience of angels listening to their child cry hysterically, wanting to leave the high chair, and maybe some parents can do that. I cannot. My blood pressure rises, i get stressed out, I can't eat my food (this was while trying every other distraction technique under the sun (all failing). I'm also not the type of parent to then stay home all the time because my toddler can't relax and be quiet without an iPad or iPhone. I never said that you have to be, or that you should be. All I said was if your child not using electronic devices when out was super important to you then you would find another technique. I'm not saying you have to, or that you should. If you're comfortable with the ipad/iphone when out to keep the peace then that's awesome. If the OP has a child who hates to sit still and she uses something else instead, then awesome.

    Sorry, so not having a go, I just think a little understanding that every child and every parent is different and blanket, I don't like this or I don't like that when people only see a tiny snippet of that family's life is fair for anyone. Agreed, and I honestly couldn't give a shiz if I saw a kid out with an ipad. I'm not the parent, I don't know anything about the family. It just doesn't even register in my head.
    Sonya is correct too, there's a lot of things I thought I would or wouldn't do when I had kids, and it's safe to say most are out of the window now. But I've learnt through having kids and also being on bub hub that blanket rules do not apply (well beyond than providing basic needs of a safe, secure and healthy environment for your child, but also what makes that up is always up to individual circumstances).I also mentioned that we have all had parenting ideals we have changed due to circumstances etc.
    Just thought I'd respond in red to make it easier to understand. Understand I was not having a go at your parenting skills last night, and I know you didn't make the comment about the teddies.

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