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    Default Please help with some dr. questions! Need help!

    Hi everyone, I recently posted a thread regarding my son getting checked out for ADD.
    SO..just a (not so) quick question regarding procedure. Im a little concerned.

    Now, What I am doing is seeing a child psychologist who will asses him aftr a few visis ,then after teachers written assessment as well as a written assessment from home we then after we have all this info and go to a paediatrician who will then make a full diagnosis. My question is...is this right?
    Im forking out a fortune each pshycologist visits (we don't have private cover) and today I found out it will cost us over $450 for the paediatrician visit! eek! Im happy to make the funds stretch if this is correct but just checking. My next question is...What are the child psychologist generally like? Mine is a young woman (maybe 30's) who im in two minds about. My initial vist was me with her. Every 5 seconds she kept receiving text messages and she was checking her phone, eventually she said "sorry...no one can pick up my daughter from school and im just trying to organise it...you know how it is?' I was a little taken aback as she is in a posh office and I pay a fortune to see her. The next thing is, I have to pick my son up at 2pm from school each visit as I cant seem to get any after school visits. This is ok as I understand that that's how these professions work, BUT the problem is that I get there 5 mins early each visit and she is always late. Today I was sitting there. appointment was at 2.15. We arrive at 2.10. we are sitting in the waiting room and a car pulls up at 2.20. She runs out of the car, groceries in hand and takes then thru to the tearoom/kitchen. She then walks into her office and fiddles around for a good 5-10mins. My son eventually gets called into her room at 2.35. So rude. He is meant to have a 60min session but was out by 3.15. Another thing, when I was explaining something to her last week she completely cut me off and said "are you ok? you look REALLY, REALLY tired" I mean, what the...? I was so taken back, I didn't know what to say. One more thing, We get there she invites him in. He comes out, we go. I don't know what they are doing in there, I don't know what they are saying. It baffles me. No communication between her and me at all, except for the initial visit. There are things I would like to say as his behaviour is different. I ask my son what they do and he just says they play games like 'trouble'. Im so confused that I feel like I am paying this woman $200 for 30-45mins each week to 'play' with my son. I don't know, mayby this is how its done and there is a method in her madness. Im not too sure what to do as I have thought about changing psychologist but the run around Ive done already Im hesitant. I already have teacher reports, referals from my GP (who takes weeks to get into and also charges through the roof), and have him booked into the paediatrician. *sigh* if anyone could shed some light, it would be greatly appreciated...Thankyou xo

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    The process you've described for assessment and diagnosis sounds about right. It's important to get a good variety of information about your son from different people as any diagnosis is a label that will stick with him for life so you want yo make sure it's right. As for the psych, she doesn't sound very professional tbh. It's probably true that she plays with your son - that's a pretty common thing to do to develop rapport with a child and to ease the pressure of talking to a professional. But she shouldn't be reading texts during a session. I would think she should be doing a full interview and/or questionnaire with you. If I were you, I'd call her and ask exactly how long the process will take, how many more sessions and what specifically is left to complete.

    Good luck

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    The psych should be able to make the diagnosis. We never saw a paed as part of the diagnostic process.

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