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    Default How to make cycle regular!

    I stopped the Depo shot in December in plan for a second baby. It is now the end of May and still nothing just cramps and extremely tender breasts!
    Really need something to give soon, It is very uncomfortable. I went to the doctors in March for help and he gave me the pill assuring me that it would eventually help with the regularity of my cycle. Although knowing I CANNOT handle the pill, I gave it a go. I was able to keep it up for 14 days until I had to stop and after doing so, had a light period that lasted 4 days. I was very excited. But since then, NOTHING! I am not prepared to start the pill again. Is there any other options out there to regulate my hormones!?
    Any help would be appreciated!

    **Please no jizz jazz about how the depo can take up to 24 months to be completely out of my system, yes, I am aware of that. I wouldn't mind if I wasn't constantly hurting somewhere.

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    I am currently in the mix of acupuncture, increasing my water intake, and taking herbal supplements to regulate my cycle and also testing my ovulation daily to try and figure out what's going on. When I last went to the FS before DD, I was prescribed provera to induce my period and clomid to O, which did regulate my cycle. I am currently trying to find a contraception that doesn't have any lingering issues, so when we are looking to conceive after December that it won't be an issue.
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    Nomia, have you found a contraception without lingering issues.?

    I'm 21 and not wanting children just yet even though I'm sure I've found my life partner. But found out i have a very low AMH level for my age group so I am stopping the injection immediately and trying to find contraception that won't take months/years to be gone from my system when it does come time to TTC.

    I was thinking 'non hormonal' but their aren't heaps of options.

    Also, I'm not interested in the copper T, it has moved and caused miscarriages for two friends.


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