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    Default The Birth of My Angel.

    Oh wow where do I start. Me and my partner had a party the night before and my partner's brother came down with gastro so they went home early and that night my partner also started with gastro and the next morning poor thing was sick as hell and when I stood up to go check on him I felt a pop and told him I think my water just broke. So I took babies bag. My bag wasnt packed yet because I was only 37 weeks. So because my partner was sick I asked my mum to take me in to get checked. Went in no contractions yet was 3cm dilated. But have been 3cm for a week. So they admitted me to see if things started and nothing. The next morning they moved me to a birth suite and started the pit to get my contractions started. Oh boy when it kicked in it was horrible. I asked for the gas, but it did nothing but space me out. So asked for something stronger. At this stage I have only been in labour for 20 min, so the midwife checked me again to see what she can give me. She was shocked to feel I was 8cm dilated. I could lay down and she kept telling me to stay on the bed. But I refused. She said she will go organise my epi. But as soon as she came back I told her I need to push. She said there is no way I could be fully dilated. So she checked me again and she was speechless I was fully dilated and ready to push. So she said I could push and oh wow did that feel good. The pain was no longer unbearable. I never did get the epi or anything. It just went so fast. From start to finish it was 1 hour and 30 min. She came out with her hand next to her face and that caused me to get a first degree tear. 3 stitches total. She weighted 2.7kgs. She was perfect. All this was what I was told. I cant remember much of it because the gas made me so spaced out. Even in photos you can see I am not 100% there. This was my first baby and the nurses were shocked it was so fast.

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