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    Default From family day care to school

    Next year is the last year before my daughter starts prep the following year. At the moment she goes 2 days to family day care, where there is 1 other girl each day there to play with. Although she might be going off to kindy so I don't know who will be replacing her.

    I keep debating whether I should put her in daycare/kindy before school or not. Has anyone gone from family day care to school and it worked out fine?

    I worked in a private and school based kindy for 6 years, and I saw that sometimes it benefited kids, but then again not really.

    I'm finding it so hard to decide what to do...

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    Default Family Day Care to School

    As with most things, I think it's going to depend on your child.

    My oldest (now grade 1) went straight from Family Day Care to school. She is a November baby so started Prep at 5yo, but was clever enough to have started earlier, IMO (she already knew all her numbers/letters by 3yo and could write letters at 4yo).

    Anyway - we did 2 days a week too, and by her last year of FDC she was doing both days with her two little brothers and only one other child (actually carer's 2yo son), so wasn't getting much extra-social interaction. And although she was a bit scared/shy at first (during Prep orientation the year before) she was so excited to get into school by the time January came around that she got used to it very quickly and still loves school.

    My 2nd child (boy) is doing kindy this year. (I just had bubs #4 in January so keeping my #3 toddler home with me). Compared to my DD, my DS is almost 5yo and still doesn't recognise letters/numbers - so I put him into a C&K kindy this year - he does a 5 day fortnight (so 2 days one week, and 3 days another week). The teachers are fantastic there and he is learning so much - he can count really well and his social is improving... still can't recognise letters/numbers but just something we need to work

    So - I guess you just need to assess whether you think your child could benefit from an educational boost next year, then find a good kindy. In my experience FDCs can't really provide the same level of educational support when there are kids of different ages in their care - they need more balanced activities, while at least in a kindy with all kids the same age, they can have some structured learning activities.

    Hope that helps


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