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    My second daughter is in year 1 and has moved beyond the home readers to her own chapter book. It really is about them just reading and reading but at their level.
    I get my daughter in year 3 to read a chapter book and write me a book review.

    Parents to be more pro-active and accountable in our children's education.

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    I'm a year 4 teacher and yes we have access to and always note the reading level of each student at the beginning of each year. We use this info to determine which literacy groups to put students into at the very beginning of the school year.
    In relation to your query about reading testing, all teachers in my school are currently undertaking testing for each student. These tests take a huge amount of time and can only be done during class time, so only while the rest of the class is quietly doing an activity that does not require the teachers help. A reading test can take 20 minutes and needs to be uninterrupted to allow the student to do their very best. Sometimes we need to re-test many students if they don't pass the next level, or if they pass easily (so we can get them to the level they need to be at). My point is, it's time consuming so cannot be done every term. The last time it was done was term 4 last year for my school.
    I can't answer why your daughters teacher is giving her lower level readers, but I do know we stop sending readers home past level 20. After this, it is the child's library borrowing and reading initiated by the child and/or parent that we rely on.
    If your daughter needs motivation to read at her level, visit a library and source books that she has an interest in. The idea a previous poster had about a rewards system is great.
    You can also find some great resources online where you can get your child to read a novel then get involved in a book study to further comprehension skills.

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    I agree, it appears your child has no difficulty in reading just a lack of motivation to spend much time doing it. Perhaps you can set a challenge of 10 books in one month, and choose some award? The school library, and your local library will have plenty of choices to spark an interest. But also, I wouldn't stress, I know I could always read well, but I went through quite a few years without bothering to pick up a book. now I am the opposite, cant imagine life without reading something each and every day.

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    I'm a Qld teacher and we don't send home readers in Year 5. The children are expected to be reading their own books, library books etc and they keep a log in the back of their homework book signed by the parent and the teacher every week. By Year 5 they are expected to be participating in the reading challenges the school library runs each term too. We do not send home "readers" at all from Year 3 or 4 I think (or a certain reading level, which ever comes first).

    As far as testing goes, we benchmark at least twice a year - term 2 and term 4 and another times as the need arises. It is incredibly time consuming and I actually come in on my day off to do it (as do most other part time teachers I know).
    Hope that helps

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    Thank you all for your replies. I guess it is commonplace not to have readers at all in year 5 so I wonder why he bothers with the grade 1 level readers. Anyway that aside I didn't understand the complexity of the testing process. I'm glad to hear that he should already have some idea of my daughter's reading level from consulting her file.

    I suppose I think leaving it up to the kids can backfire - such as in my daughters case. She may be a strong reader now but in order to continue to be she needs to keep reading. The problem is that when you leave it up to the parents to go to libraries and buy books etc. there are probably a lot of parents who will never do this and therefore many kids will miss out. Add to that kids whose parents offer them resources and encouragement , but the kids simply wont read, and you have quite a few kids who aren't getting what they need. However if it is a directive from the teacher and is expected of the kids that they read a book and do a report then it is more likely that the reading will be done. I'm sure teachers feel that to much is left up to them at times but I know as a parent I feel like to much can be expected of us.


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