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    Quote Originally Posted by sunnyflower View Post
    I find it sad that people want to push kids to learn are such a young age, they have to know all this crap even before they hit school. Just let them be kids!.
    So do I. The curriculum at DS's daycare/pre-school is so all-encompassing, which is good of course but honestly I just want him to have fun, I don't care about the learning and structure. I'd be happy if the kids just played in the sandpit or just run around in the play ground all day. Those precious 5 years before they start school are the only time I their life they will not have to live in a world of 'have to' and study/work, until, well, retirement!

    I don't deny the benefits of daycare, but I also think there's some disadvantages. And I am certain DS would do well anyway whether he went to daycare or not.

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    If your happy with things as they are op then don't let others make you think your child needs to go to daycare.

    While I wasn't working my kids were home with me and ds2 will be finishing daycare when I commence parental leave in August. I don't see the point him being there if he can be home with me and I would much prefer to offer my spot to a working mum who needs it due to there being only one daycare centre in town.

    I do however believe that children benefit from having some form of socialisation with other kids.

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    I havent read any respones but this is my experience with childcare

    I have worked in childcare for about 7 years and always said its important for children to build social interactions (being a child who never went to childcare and was terribly shy growing up). I worked part time and had dd in cc 3 days a week from 18mths until 3.5 yrs. I pulled her out last dec after I quit work due to lots of different reasons. Dd was extremely social, happy and confident with lots of friends and enjoyed kindy I really felt horrible about pulling her out. Since she's been home with me I've noticed a lot of changes. She is a lot more sooky and clingy and her behaviour has gotten worse. She is also lonely which is partly my fault as we don't do playgroup or have many friends with kids she sees often. She used to always talk about all her friends at kindy now she tells me I'm her best friend (which is lovely but makes me sad at the same time) when ever we drive past her old kindy she asks to go back. We have decided to put her back into care just one day a week for her to socialise with children her age, we are waiting for a space to become open. Hopefully it helps.

    Sorry for a bit of a ramble I suppose for my child, I believe being in daycare is really good for her self esteem, behaviour and social life. I've been feeling a lot of mummy guilt lately over my actions affecting her. So yes, in short, I believe daycare has a huge impact on a childs development, socially and emotionally.

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    I don't use childcare. I work 2-3 shifts a week and work around my DH's roster, so he looks after DS whilst I'm at work.

    Im looking at putting my DS into preschool when he is 4 but am wondering whether a day a week at daycare when he is 3 would be good for him and would help him adjust to being away from me?


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