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    I was told that I had psos 2 years ago. I want to have a baby. I have been to a fertility clinc before but stopped going when my partner and I at the time split. I am now in a strong and stable relationship. I have made an appointment at my gps to try and get some help but the only thing is I don't know how to go about getting the help I need. Could anybody be able to give me some advice. Thanks

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    Hi KirstyMC, the first thing I would be asking your GP for is a blood test to assess your hormone levels and how much they are out of wack due to the PCOS. You then need to decide if you think you will need more help from a fertility specialist, do you ovulate at all on your own? If so there may be a chance you can conceive quite naturally with support from your GP and diet changes. However if you are like me and can go a whole year with no ovulation then you might need more help, you might have some knowledge of this through your previous appointments with the fertility clinic. If you do need to see a fertility specialist you need to ask your GP for the referral, maybe do some research online and find some reviews of good specialist's local to where you are.


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