In about 4 months, our little family will be moving to Australia and I'm trying to work out how to prepare DD. We also have another baby due 6 weeks before the move and it will be a lot of change all at once. She is a fairly cautious kid who doesn't warm up that well to change.

We've talked to her a fair bit about the new baby, and have some books about it, and she is quite excited about being a big sister. So fingers crossed that part will be ok (famous last words maybe!)

With the move, she has lots of little friends here and a reasonably stable routine so I'm worried it will upset her. She has been to Australia quite a few times, so it is a bit familiar, and I have photos of our house, which I show her. I've also told her that we're moving, and all her toys, furniture etc. are coming with us. What else should I do?

Interested to hear others' stories. What did you do to prepare your toddler when moving (and is there anything I shouldn't do?).