Just read your last post, I know it's insane how expensive it is to grocery shop however it can be done.
Chicken mince meatballs are a fav in this house, and I make a lot of pasta I am Italian so it's actually a cutback for me to make pasta every other night, I just load it up with vegetables, last night I made prawn (frozen a $6 bag will last for 3 meals) and zucchini it was a hit. So I think that meal cost us $5 for 2 adults and one hungry toddler.
Like I said before you both (parents) need to set the example and at least pretend to eat what your baby is eating, I didn't like steamed vegetables when DD was blw but I ate them... if I don't have to eat another steamed broccoli for the rest of my life I'll be happy, but guess what she loves broccoli!