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    @Bubbles10 Yes That's probably true I was just saying that basically, returning to work at 9 months was the beginning of the end of bf-ing for me and DS

    I was kinda ready to stop at that point anyway but going back to work made it happen very quickly. It was a hard time for many reasons, that being a major one, but yeah I found it became too hard to keep going at that point because our routine became changed plus the stress of going back to reality.

    Any mum who can continue to BF at work should be fully supported in that imo. DS could suck the whole lot out within 10 minutes but expressing was a major pita and took about an hour! Plus it should not be dictated to mums what they *should* do, let them make their own decisions!

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    Hi I'm new to this forum I'm looking for advice and some support. I currently work in retail/sales and finding it increasing difficult in finding Gold Coast positions I no longer want to apply for assistant roles and would like manager roles or assistant. But I tried applying for these and I get unsuccessful emails. Their isn't enough income being an retail/sales assistant or very few roles and thought maybe try my luck at the higher positions as many positions there. Just wondering I have experience unsupervised working alone but don't have the title but still cannot get a position. How can I get a position without enough experience is there anything I can say to improve my chances on cover letter or resume. If you have managers experience in retail/sales please help or anyone who is going through the same experience. I'm 31 and thinking maybe I need to change careers I think maybe company's want to hire younger staff.


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