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    Quote Originally Posted by Rtaylor View Post
    I would really like another but I don't know if I could go through that again.. Would any of you ladies have/will??
    Ive had 3, each time I hoped I wouldn't get HG but alas, I did. I wouldn't change having them but it was certainly difficult.

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    I was terrified that id get HG again.
    DS was a surprise bubba and as soon as i found out i was preg till 20wks i woke up each day expecting to feel ill but i didnt not even once

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    Thank you for posting this indigoj, I had no idea there was an awareness day. I was not prepared for HG at all (my mum had it too but decided to not warn me :/). I had six hospital visits for rehydration and vomited right up until DS was born (not fun during labour). I lost 10% of my body weight by 12 weeks, and lost so much strength as well. I felt immense guilt when I simply got consumed by wanting to terminate the pregnancy because it was so difficult to get through the endless days and nights of vomiting and nausea. It was so hard to deal with those thoughts and feelings after trying so desperately for 12 months to get pregnant. It wasn't until I'd been admitted for rehydration for a few days at 12 weeks and had a nurse who had had HG herself look after me who actually said it was ok to feel resentful and crappy to be in the situation instead of "just be grateful for the miracle of life" etc. I was grateful (most of the time) but I certainly didn't enjoy it! And yes, the was nothing worse than someone saying "just take some ginger". If only it was that easy!
    I am terrified about getting HG again next time, especially with needing to consider the impact on DS. But I'd like to think I won't be as afraid to push for the appropriate care next time. More understanding from those in caring positions, as well as better treatments, are definitely needed.


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