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    Default Returning to work when you're not ready

    I am preggers with #2 (currently 6 months) and just gave my official notice of leave and 'return to work' date. I do not feel comfortable with 8.5mths off however due to financial need that was the happy medium DH and I decided on (technically we can't afford any time off after the 18wks maternity leave Gov money runs out). My employer has already advised part-time job share isn't an option, otherwise I would have been quite happy to come back part-time after 6mths.

    I just feel I would like to give #2 a similar chance and upbringing as #1 had. This means being able to FB to 12mths and being a good mum who spent time raising my child.

    As 'back up' in the back of my mind I will be looking for other suitable part-time work related to my industry however if need be I have a full time job to return to.

    I wanted to hear of others' views on returning to work before their desired time off and do you regret it/resent it? At the end of the day, nothing will change that the bills need to be paid and I will just need to accept the situation for what it is.

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    Im in the same situation as you.. DD is 8 months old and ive been back at work for 5 weeks. I didn't want to go back just yet and wasn't ready but once the money runs out and the bills keep coming there wasn't really much choice


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