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    One mother at my mothers group used to continually exclude me from her kids birthday parties, and when she and a few others started up a new play group I was excluded from that too.

    I found out later that she used to think I was a stuck up snob all because of how I speak, and because I was a quiet person.

    I hate bullying of any sort with a passion, I was bullied all throughout high school and it wasn't nice.

    My sons only got 6 kids in his class at school (he goes to a school with a special needs unit) and if he was to have a birthday party, then I wouldn't exclude any of them as it's not right, and they are all of his friends.

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    Re: kids birthdays. Whenever my mum threw big parties for us as kids we were made to invite all the kids in our class (very small classes). I remember complaining because I didn't like a few of the girls, but mum told me to think about how I'd feel if I was the only one not invited. I intend to the same for DS. There are a couple of mums in my mums group that I'm not overly fond of, but of course they will be invited to DS's bday! It would be so rude and hurtful not to!

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    That's definitely bullying OP - sorry to hear you're dealing with that.

    Have you tried just coming out and asking her if you have said something to offend her at some stage, as you find her behavior towards you quite uncomfortable. Do you think you'd be comfortable saying something like that? Just in a calm way, just to get the message across to her that you do not appreciate it.

    Usually that stops the bully in their tracks, but if not - id put in a complaint.

    With my work with cases like this they generally like to know if you have attempted to resolve it with them directly first before making a complaint.


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