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    Quote Originally Posted by deku View Post
    I'm due in June too
    And it's also the first time for me so I can't speak from experience...
    You might have already read it but lot of people have recommended the book Birth Skills by J. Sundin, for tips on how to cope with contractions and promote the progression of labour.
    Regarding the raspberry leaf tea/capsules, this was a pretty decent study (which is better than anecdotal evidence!) :
    You should be able to read the abstract at least if you can't access the full article.
    I also read birth skills and used the techniques during my labour, I found it really helpful. I laboured at home for 6 hours in and out of the shower, then had a moment where I knew I "had" to get to the hospital, i found the drive there was awful and it is only 15mins and I couldn't move around whilst in the car.

    I think the biggest thing was being "active" throughout labour. Anyone who tells me they had an "active labour" I'm always - Juju?!

    I had a 12.5 hour drug free labour - no gas, I was worried it would make me feel ill.

    Definitely do antenatal classes, it's good for the dads to have a bit more of an idea, we did one run at our hospital, so they take you into the birth suites.

    I took raspberry leaf tablets from 32 weeks, I went 10 days over.

    Take lanoish cream for your nipples to the hospital.

    I also made heaps of meals for the freezer so we could just grab them out at night times if cooking dinner was just not going to happen.
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    As a fellow 1 hr from hospital person, just be wary about leaving it toooo late. Labouring in a car is awful! You can't move and the whole way you will second guess every feeling your body has.
    Ds I was convinced I was feeling the need to push around half way to hospy, but upon arrival would've prob been around 6 ish cm. but because I was so worried about giving birth on the side of the road, I read into every little thing.

    Just something to keep in mind...

    I think the hotel idea is a brilliant one. We are lucky that the in laws live 15 mins from hospital. So we use them as a pit stop point

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    I did the whole raspberry leaf thing and found it didn't work for me at all!! I had a 15 min drive to the hospital and that was the worst part. Being in a car when in labour is horrible, u just want out ASAP. So if there is somewhere closer u can go when ur labour starts, I would vouch for that. I had an epidural. I am glad of that decision but also would have liked to have been able to get up as well so this time with DS2 I'm hoping to avoid an epi but we will see because to be honest, the epi was bloody brilliant for pain relief! Good luck with it all!!

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    What wonderful replies! Thankyou so so much everyone this has helped alot and gives me lots to discuss with dh!


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