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    Exclamation Ovulation help!

    I'm desperately trying to get pregnant... Accidentally got pregnant 2 years ago which unfortunately ended in MC so I think I thought since I accidentally got preg before soon as I start trying it would bam! Happen and it hasn't.

    anyway my question is I used a clear blue opk Sunday afternoon around 3pm and got a negative, was flat out at work yesterday and didn't get to test til around 7pm but got a smiley face and woke up to loads of CM this morning. Ordinarily I would be BDing like crazy but I'm away from DH! We did the BD Sunday morning, Sunday night, Monday morning but now can't until tomorrow night!

    I also had some odd aching to just the r side of my belly button last night and this morning.

    do you think I have already ovulated and the BD yesterday and Sunday caught it , do you think it will happen today and I'm out of luck or do you think it's just to happen and if I bd tomorrow night I might still catch it?

    thank you!

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    so you got an OPK +ve this morning ?

    Then yes I think you are doing just fine.

    Sperm can last in the body for up to 5 days. Bd'ing just before ovulation is fantastic and you are still in with a good chance even though you have not dtd since yesterday.

    tomorrow night may be too late though.

    OPK's measure a spike in LH (leutenising (sp?) hormone), which is what makes ovulation happen. so the spike is usually about 12 hrs before ovulation, and the egg lasts around 24 hrs. So essentually you have 36 hrs from the opk +ve until its too late.

    But as I said, sperm lasts up to 5 days... so if the sperm is already in your body, ready and waiting for the egg ... all is good

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    Still smiley this morning... Does that mean I haven't ovulated yet... Will it stay smiley after the big o?


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