Today I got my NK cell biopsy back and my NK cells are high she told me numbers but I don't understand she said they are above the 75th percentile I'm freaking out and don't no how to feel about this I'm booked in on Friday to start intralipids I currently attend next generation fertility and cannot fault them but when reading other ladies who have seen dr m his protocols are so much more extreme
Has anyone with high NK cells fallen pregnant and carried a healthy baby to term whilst only doing the intralipids at a smaller dose

Me 26, DH 30
TTC 4yrs
Mild pco
Mild endo
Lap done 9/13
4rounds of clomid with BFN
5th cycle of clomid chemical pregnancy

Started IVF jan 2014

1st IVF Jan 2014: @WFC antagonist cycle started, cancelled day 9 due to over stimulation, 60+ follicles.

2ND IVF March 2014: Next generation fertility ,Antagonist cycle, chemical pregnancy!!!!!