I am after some advice regarding my nearly 1 year old.. He is currently on Novalac Reflux formula as for some months he has had a cough and the reflux formula has helped keep feeds down when he has a coughing fit (usually after a bottle).

I have seen numerous doctors about his cough and have been told it's nothing to worry about - it's due to daycare etc etc. I will be trying to get a referral to an ENT when he is due for his 12 month jabs.

Anyway, my question is about weaning onto cows milk or another formula. On the weekend we tried him on Karicare Aptamil Gold (Stage 3) and he flat out refuses it. DS2 is still waking for bottles at night and actually is more prone to drink then, then in the day. He is also not taking to water, so I am worried he has become too attached to the Novalac.

What can I do to get him to stop wanting the bottle at night (or at least one of them) and what is the best way to get him introduced to cows milk? Would I be better off on another formula or going straight to cows milk?

His appetite is great, he has plenty of solids in the day but no matter how much he eats in the day, he still wants bottles in the night.

Any help would be great!! Thanks