I've been reading a lot of doom and gloom on here lately. Some of it is general struggle, a lot I also believe is fuelled by propaganda.

I watched a documentary the other day where a city in Mexico had over 3000 murders a year, many just innocents caught up.
There are whole countries with people that don't have proper food, water, shelter; where violence is the norm.
There are places where children are sold into slavey be it to manufacture goods or to be used as play things.
There are places in war where you don't know if your place will be bombed, if you will ever see your husband, brother, father, son again.

We have free hospitals and schools ( even if they are over stretched it's nothing compared to some places).
We live in a fairly low violent society, where our children can be innocent, where we have choices and opportunity.
In reality too no child should go without food.

I don't really know what this post is part vent part inspirational.

Please please just remember we are so lucky to be here, people are literally dying to get in and we won the life lottery. Whilst things can be improved it could be A LOT worse.