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    Default Books during mealtime

    What are your opinions on reading books to your kids during mealtime? My almost 8mth old DD like any bub can be fussy with solids. I know not to be to concerned and let her self-regulate, but she's on the smaller side (8th centile) so am keen to ensure she grows well.
    I've just discovered that if she stops eating after a couple of bites, if I show her a book, she'll quite happily eat the rest?

    How do others feel about this? I guess my concern is that meal time should just be for food, and this may take away from that experience.
    FYI, I'm doing a mix of spoon-feeding and finger foods.

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    If it works for you then I guess of for it! My 9 month went through a phase of being upset everytime he ate. He was hungry but maybe frustrated because he wanted to do it himself. We worked out he was much calmer eating in public as he was generally more distracted.

    He's grown out of the phase and is eating reasonably well again but for a while we would have the tv on at home when he ate so it felt like others were there if that makes sense? Felt bad about the tv but it worked for us for those few weeks!

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