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    Oh yes but an elimination diet and seeing my osteo regularly has worked wonders. I don't know what state you're in but if you are in WA and are interested, I can give you the name of my osteopath aka the miracle worker!

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    My DH was a chronic migraine sufferer. It got to the point where he was getting them about once a week and couldn't function, he would just have to take painkillers and go to sleep until it was gone.
    Since I've been taking him to the chiropractor with me (probably about 9 months now), he rarely even gets headaches, and they never escalate to migraines anymore! I hope you find your solution soon.

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    Sorry to hear about other sufferers. I have had infrequent migraines with the aura since I was a teen but they have increased since having my daughter. I was getting them daily after her birth and then 7 days postpartum I had an episode where I had auras non stop for 24 hours with the migraine. I then realised that I had permanent vision loss in my peripheral vision. It turned out that I had a stroke. So I have a link between migraines and that happening! The migraines continued until I went on propranolol when she was 7 months (long story why I waited. I was very anxious about it passing through my BM). That worked well and didn't get another one.
    I am pregnant now and the migraines have started up at 24 weeks. Fortnightly to weekly. I had another recurrent aura episode (like my stroke) a few weeks back and went to ED where they gave me a magnesium infusion. It settled things down. I was impressed with the way the magnesium worked. Apparently it works better though as a prophylactic. The public OBPhys I see has stated that most recent evidence has come out that magnesium is just as effective as the other prophylactics and a lot more safe (particularly for pregnant women). 500mg. Something to look into. I haven't been taking it long enough to see if it is working for me (need to take probably for around a month?). So I am still having migraines. I think it is because my colostrum has come in and that I seem to have a bit of a craving for choc this preg :-/ Plus working and getting dehydrated. I will look at a calcium channel blocker (safer than propranolol in preg) though if this doesn't work.

    I think find a good doctor or specialist and see what they suggest and if it doesn't work try something else :-). Hope you manage to stop them. They are awful!

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    Haven't read the other replies, but I was getting migraines every week or so about 15 years ago, really awful ones where I couldn't stand any light or movement or anything touching my body or I'd just throw up and throw up, which made the headache even worse. Horrible. Pretty sure mine were caused by stress. I had acupuncture and they just kind of faded away after that. I occasionally still get what I'd call a mini-graine - a bad headache in the base of my neck that affects my vision - but they don't make me ill anymore. They seem to be hormonal but I just recently started a super healthy diet and cut out a lot of carbs and sugar, and what do you know, I haven't had a migraine when AF arrived this month lol. I fully recommend giving acupuncture a go though.


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