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    Default Recommendation for FS who understands luteal phases etc?


    I was wondering if anyone could recommend a gynae or fertility specialist in Perth that understands and treats the issue of a luteal phase defect, as well as poor CM.

    I live in Port Hedland and no longer trust the gynaes up here (long story involving a misdiagnosis and an ectopic pregnancy that resulted in the loss of a Fallopian tube) so my GP has agreed to refer me to Perth, but I don't want to travel all that way and end up seeing another FS who is only interested in IVF.

    My luteal phases are only about 8 days and I have almost no CM, and I know from research that there are many treatment options to try before putting me through IVF (e.g. progesterone to elongate my luteal phase, or variants of Clomid that don't dry you out - I did get pregnant on Clomid, and the last round I took I went to a LP of 14 days so I know that I do respond to medication).

    I'm 30 and very healthy and I don't want to do IVF unless it's the only option left, which at this stage it isn't, but
    I know that quite a lot of doctors seem to dismiss / have little interest in cycle tracking / FAM etc.

    I've been researching the FSs in Perth and most of the profiles seem to just go on about how proficient they are at laparoscopies etc. I've already had three laps so am not interested!

    Many thanks for all your assistance with this and best wishes to all of you!!!

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    Hi @mai,
    Have you had any luck finding a FS?

    I have been very happy with our FS. I always wanted to do things in a stepwise manner, which she was great with. I feel like if you ask for progesterone and cycle tracking then that's what she'd do. We started with cycle tracking and I have a minor LP defect. We went ahead to IUI. She is also very broad minded and bases her decisions on all of the test results and patient history, e.g. Recognising that you are young, healthy and that you have specific problems. She's a good problem solver!. I felt like she was happy to let us try what we wanted before going straight to IVF (even though we are at that point now!). I don't feel like doing other things first had been a waste of money or anything. It would have been great to get a pos that way, but just wasn't to be. And it was a good learning curve!

    If you'd like to know more you can PM me for more details!

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    Thanks for your response! After a fair bit of research online and a recommendation I have booked an FS in Perth, it's in July. I'll see how I go, if I don't like her then I may well be in touch!


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