Hi there,

I'm an honours student at university, currently putting together a feature story on the issues that Melbourne families face raising kids in the city and inner suburbs. I'm focusing on the issue of childcare primarily, but also issues like finding play spaces and other facilities in urban locations.

I'd be interested in meeting and speaking to parents who've had difficulty finding a childcare place for their child or are on a waiting list in inner melbourne. I'm also interested in families who have anything else to say about living in inner Melbourne, or who are making the best of their surroundings and what the city has to offer. I'm hoping to complete the story before the end of May. As a post-grad student I can guarantee a professional approach that doesn't take too much time away from what I'm sure are busy schedules!

Any input would be of great help and I'd be very appreciative. Feel free to email me at hesch1@student.monash.edu for more info or if you're interested.