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    I have asthma and have been on ventolin and a range of preventers (and prednisone almost every time I have a cold because my lungs just can't cope) for around 25 years, no side affects or problems with my teeth.

    Apart from what others have said this is some things I have done since I was a small child: I find Vicks rub works really well to sooth muscle aches/sore chests and helps with breathing, the nights I'm chesty or have a cold I sleep almost sitting up with pillows etc, make sure no triggers are around (for me it's dust so we can't have carpet in bedrooms and I need to sleep with the door open). A hot shower or just run the shower on hot and big deep breaths in the bathroom - the steam helps a lot with breathing. Also a vaporiser in her room before bedtime during the colder nights may help.

    Could you try another spacer where it just has a mouth piece and she inhales it herself, it makes like a clicking noise when the valve opens and closes so maybe try to shift the focus on the noise?

    Good luck xo

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    I'm about to go to bed,so haven't read all posts, but thought I'd comment.

    A note about preventer puffers and regular ventolin puffers.

    Ventolin puffers treat an acute attack. It helps to clear the phlegm from the bronchi, by physical methods.

    Preventers work by decreasing inflammation within the bronchi. This is why it takes a while to work. The levels need to build up.

    Asthma is a problem when the airways get restricted - by inflammation, and by mucus, therefore, using a preventer can help a lot, even if just for a couple of seasons, to decrease inflammation.

    I have mild asthma, and will occasionally go on a preventer puffer, especially if I have a cold and I feel I'm using ventolin a lot.
    My son had some issues when he was younger, and after a few months of preventer, he was fine again, and his lungs recovered enough to not have acute attacks.

    The main plan for asthma sufferers is to have an action plan, which it seems your GP is onto. Once you have an idea how to treat it, it becomes a lot easier, and it us easier to intervene earlier if you feel it is necessary.

    Good luck. Your poor DD must be exhausted, and so must you.

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    Thanks so much for all the advise.
    We went to her dr this morning, she woke up again last night pretty bad, and every 2 hours after that, DH took some videos of the cough last night (we thought last night was pretty good, it wasn't as bad as previous nights) the dr told us if she ever coughs like that again, call an ambulance and just keep giving her puffer.
    I feel at ease now knowing when she is doing that cough, or even the times she is quite but breathing rapidly I know it's time to call, instead of wondering if she is just upset and worked up and it's all just making the symptoms worse.

    We weren't given a preventative, we were given Redipred (steroids) and 4 puffs every 4 hours, plus extra when needed of her asmol puffer over the next 5 days to see if that calms things down a bit.
    I've been told if she starts coughing bad tonight, or over the next 5 days to call an ambulance and get back into see the dr the next day, she said that's when they will look at a preventative.

    It's shockingly cold here today and dd has had her first dose of Redipred, and the 4 puffs and she is still showing small asthma signs... It's suppose to be 5 degrees here tonight!!! I'm really not holding much hope in that tonight will be good.
    If she is still like this this afternoon I might just call her dr back and see what she thinks we do, last thing I want it is to ignore the early signs today only for her to have something major go on at night.
    The dr also informed the receptionists that if we call about dd's asthma that they get her in on the same day, which is a major relief!
    Waiting lists here to see a gp are horrible, there is also no bulk billing around, so when people have to pay they usually try to find a good dr and they just get booked out for around 3 weeks.

    Fingers crossed everything starts heading in a better direction over the next 5 days


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