Hi all,
Wondering if anyone can help me in getting together a critique/rebuttal of this article doing the rounds.


As you can see, it is focussing on the role of aluminium adjuvants in "vaccine-linked" autoimmune disease

So far I have come up with this - apart from the usual anti-vacc slant and hyperbole - it is misleading because Shaw's research (on mice) is actually looking at Al doses corresponding to those used in anthrax vaccs for the military - not part of the normal vacc schedule.

The two cases of vasculitis after Gardasil are interesting, but we know that aluminium often accumulates in the injured brain rather than being a cause of the injury. So showing aluminium in the brain does not at all prove that the vacc was responsible.

I would also add the following info about aluminium in vaccines from a US Children's hospital:


and this review article in Pediatrics that looked at the risk of autoimmune dis in vac'd vs. unvacc'd people (lower risk of all AI diseases studied in vacc's ppl):

However, this is for a natural health FB group, where consipracy theories are rife and suspicion is high. I know that I will be told that the above studies don't adequately look at Gardasil or neonatal HepB vacc, as they were performed before these were available.

So any other research specifically about aluminium and autoimmune dis, or even on safetly data for the above 2 vaccs would be useful. I am struggling with time to research all this so thought I would "crowd source" here