Hi, not sure if there is anyone on here that can help but have told my sister to join up to get some helpful support and have others to talk to going through the same stuff as her not sure if she will for a while so thought i'd ask for her. She is single and planning on using donor sperm for IUI sometime next year when full health cover is under control and when health is under control. Is there anyone on here who is currently a single mum who went IUI or IVF with donor sperm to start their longed for family as they had not found the correct person yet? Would love some advice for her and to show her their are others here happy to talk about this stuff with her. She is very much in love with my 3 week old daughter and I would love to see her with her own son/daughter close in age to our kids as we will start ttc again in 2015 or depending how we go with our gorgeous girl we are loving up now all on her own.

Thank you to anyone who has been able to read and respond