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    Default Night waking

    DS is 9 weeks and normally when he wakes for his 1 - 2 am feed he would go back to sleep straight away without any need for settling. The last couple of nights I have had to settle him back to sleep after his feed and burp and it could take me a good hour or so to get him back to bed.
    So ie, he wakes up at 1am- we feed, burp and change nappy which takes 45min, then cuddles put him in his bassinet calm and drowsy and he starts talking to himself. He then gets grumpy and I would settle him and this takes me to 3.30-3.45 am by the time he is fast asleep....
    He was a good sleeper before this as he would sleep 4-5hours at a time in the evenings but he has now been hard to put back to sleep...

    Any advice? This happen to anyone else??

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    Don't stress. Bub will continue to throw you curve balls till adulthood. Just pop bub next to you and go back to sleep. Or in their bed.... Eventually they get bored and sleep.
    Babies tend to get more interested in their surroundings. 6-10wks so it might be good to get a good night routine/pattern of events started.

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