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    Default does a long period mean late ovulation?

    Hi friends,

    I'm new to charting and TTC (my other two were surprises) and trying to figure out of there's an association between long period and late ovulation? My period was 8 days this cycle, my chart is suggesting that I'll ovulate in 2 days, CD14 (generic prediction i suppose) , but other charts have suggested it could be as late as the 2nd of May. Is this variation because of the length of my period? To be on the safe side, we're going to babydance every day if possible or every second day for the whole week so we should catch O either way but I'd like to know anyway cos, well you know it is lol! I am using OPKs and getting stronger lines but still negative, but i've read recently that OPKs aren't accurate for a lot of people as not everyone reaches the peak they measure - but still ovulate.

    Gosh this is my first cycle of TTC and i'm already driving myself bananas lol!

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    I don't know but I know a longer cycle means a later ovulation and I would probably rely on that theory more than a longer period. I think my cycle is on the longer side- between 30 and 34 days averaging around 32 days and my periods can be longish I think 5 days- well I thought that was long but 8 is really long. In any case I think a longer cycle would make for a longer period theoretically because your body has had more time to build up a nice thick endometrium for a possible baby therefore would take longer to shed during a period? I tend to ovulate later too- anywhere between 16-19 DPO. But get this I am a week away from having a baby I conceived from DTD one time on 8dpo while I was breastfeeding and on the mini pill lol. Shouldn't have been possible but here I am. I think any time after your period and before ovulation is a chance at becoming pregnant now


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