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    Unhappy Low lying anterior placenta - possible accreta due to 2 previous c-sections 1 preterm

    Hello, my name is Danni and I've just found out this week that I have a low lying anterior placenta.

    This is my third pregnancy. My first was 10 years ago which resulted in 29 week c-section due to pre-eclampsia. My second was almost 6 years ago and I delivered at 36 weeks due to PE again, my placenta failed at 32 weeks and my daughter has restricted growth.

    I am now 22 week pregnant to my wonderful new husband and I've been fearing PE as I had been told my risk of re-occurrence was high due to the new partner?

    I have been seeing my public QLD hospital and I have not felt very confident with their management of my pregnancy so to relax a little I made an appointment for this past Thursday with a private OB to participate in shared care with the public hospital.

    During this appointment she requested my 19 week ultrasound report and she noted that I have a low lying anterior placenta and she appeared to be very concerned and started talking about me being very high risk with just this placenta issue. She has mentioned that I will need at least a further two scans to check on the placenta and well being of bub, with one taking place in Brisbane at a 'Tertiary level'. She mentioned placenta accreta and briefly touched on hysterectomy during the c-section.

    She is concerned given that my son was born at 29 weeks with how low the scar tissue is and it appears that bub has attached his/her placenta to the scar tissue.

    She has told me that it is looking likely that I will have to be sent to brisbane for delivery (I'm in Central QLD). She is going to do more research before my next appointment and she has also said that she will be speaking with a more qualified local OB for advice on treatment.

    I have been to the public hospital prior and seen an OB and midwife and neither mentioned the placenta and in fact I am not booked to see a hospital OB until 36 weeks?

    I have been googling, and I am scared ****less.

    I've had very high hopes for a perfect pregnancy as I've not yet had one that goes well and Iam still deeply traumatised by my son and daughters pregnancies and births.

    We had planned another c-section (no choice) and I was promised skin to skin in theatre which will help promote breastfeeding as both my son and daughter were too unwell to feed.

    Now I'm so scared and I have a million questions and I don't know what to do next?

    I have no faith in the local hospital for failing to note the low lying placenta, I'm scared at the uncertainty of the delievery, I was planning on working up until 36 weeks and we had everything "planned", now I don't know where this baby will be born and how that delivery will go, will I be under a general? will they do a hysterectomy? When will I found out? I have anxiety for which I am treated medically for at the best of times and this is just making it all worse. I'm scared of leaving my other two children if I'm sent to Brisbane, I'm scared of missing out on everything with my baby I'm worried about money if I'm sent to Brisbane again.

    Please has anyone else had this at 20ish weeks and what happened? When did you find out the "plan" etc.


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    My placenta was the same at my 12 week scan. Will see what it's up to at my 20week scan in a bit over a week. I was under the impression that it can move quite a bit? Good luck xx hopefully everything turns out fine.

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    I have a low lying anterior placenta as well. I'm 23 weeks. I am (by coincidence) seeing a high risk obs - I booked him due to having PE last time and really not being happy with my obstetric management last time.

    The sonographers noted the placenta but didn't really make a big deal of it to me. The only reason they mentioned it at all was because at my 6 week dating scan the baby was sitting right on my cervix, so I asked where the baby and the placenta were sitting. Even then, the sonographer just noted that the placenta is very low and anterior, and I'll probably need another scan - which isn't a big deal as I'll need another scan to check bub's brain anyway (my son has a brain issue and we don't know if it's genetic or not so doing all we can to monitor brain development in utero).

    I asked the obs, and he again was quite relaxed about it when talking to me. Said that placenta accreta is a risk but there is no point worrying if it doesn't happen. It is a 'risk' but he didn't emphasise 'very high risk pregnancy' as yours has done. He explained how they can perform a c-section if the placenta is over the scar from my last section, assured me he has done it several times before and it isn't really a big deal.

    He said that the safest deal with placenta accreta is to have a hysterectomy during the c-section but again, no point worrying too much about that until some form of indication that the placenta has attached to the scar. At this stage, the placenta is sitting over the scar.

    I know that placenta accreta is a serious condition, and that a hysterectomy is not an ideal outcome for me, but I have thought about it and decided that at this stage I am going to trust my obs and sonographer. I am in Brisbane, and due to my son's issues, we've been seeing the best sonographer around, they've spent a very long time checking everything out and I am confident they'll find accreta if it's there. My obs has given me another level of confidence that if things go the way I hope they don't, I am in the best hands possible.

    I wish I could be more help. All I can say is that it sounds like your obs has been a little alarmist about placenta accreta at this early stage, and I hope that she's just being overly cautious. It's funny how the delivery of the exact same news in two different ways can completely change your reaction!
    From what I've seen, it is sometimes possible to save a uterus with placenta accreta, but it does come with further risks. My DH and I know that this baby is our last so if I have to have a hysterectomy, so be it. But that's our choice. If things are different for you, perhaps discuss alternatives and risks with your obs once she's had the chance to research further?

    It is really great that you've found the obs as an extra support person to make sure you've got someone you trust in the room. As I said, in my last birth, I walked out feeling that I didn't really trust anyone in the room. (I'd had weekly monitoring for Pre-Eclampsia from 28 weeks till my son's birth at 37 weeks but the obs didn't tell me as they 'didn't want me to get more worked up and push my blood pressure higher'. They'd also said "well, why did you think you were on weekly appointments?) - so I know how important it is to feel like you can trust the people you're there with.

    One last thing - there is a thread on bubhub somewhere about placenta accreta. I read it a couple of weeks ago when I first discovered I'm 'at risk'. It does give some pretty scary stories though, so just keep that in mind if you decide to read through.


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