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    Unhappy Can someone help me understand if this is a MC or complications from D&C last year?

    To begin with, I have 3 toddlers.. I've never had issues with conceiving, and its never taken longer than 3 months.
    Last year, I had a D&C. Everything seemed to be normal, except the last 2 cycles.
    March, AF was 2 days early, and sorry if TMI, was heavy for the first 2 days with very tiny clots.
    April, I was 3 days late and had 5 very faint postive tests (forelife), and the morning I bought a clearblue digital, I started spotting black/brown blood, that eventually became more than spotting and was a light flow, gradually becoming red. It was also heavy, again with very tiny clots? And thicker blood at times, I guess? The hospital test said my hcg level was 3. Bleeding lasted for 3 days, and started again the next morning (more than spotting, more of a light flow). Lasted for a day, stopped, and now tonight, has started again but is more spotting.
    I did another hpt, bfn.
    Any insight or advice would be appreciated.
    I'm thinking of getting my GP to refer me for a HSG X-RAY.

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    It sounds like a chemical pregnancy if you got positives but but not long after you bled and got hcg of 3. They say that 1 in 3 implanted babies are list this way. You could do a follow up blood test if you want or more pregnancy tests


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