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    Default Multiple missed miscarriages

    Hi all,

    My first time posting on Bubhub. Look forward to virtually getting to know you all. Hope you don't mind me getting something off my chest here...here's my story, apologies in advance that my first post is a bit long and heavy.

    At 9.5 weeks today, I went along to my first appointment with my OB. I was referred for an earlier scan at 6 weeks and saw a little embryo with a good heartbeat. I had a missed miscarriage (blighted ovum) in January and a d&c at 11 weeks, but as silly as this sounds now, I had a better feeling about this pregnancy and found seeing the heartbeat early on reassuring, and I had a lot more symptoms this time around.

    But - at today's appointment we found out that our little one had died not long after my 6 week scan. I am booked in to have another d&c tomorrow.

    I'm not sure how to feel. I feel shocked and numb, sad to be here again and really scared about the future. One miscarriage I was willing to put down to being 'just one of those things' but two?

    We've also had trouble getting pregnant in the first place, have been TTC since November 2012, which has made it all even harder to swallow. Both miscarriages have been Clomid pregnancies.

    Would love to hear your stories, particularly anyone who has had more than one miscarriage and then gone on to have a successful pregnancy. Need all the positivity I can get right now.

    Thanks ladies.

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    Hi olive. Welcome to bubhub but sorry you find yourself posting in this section

    I've had 2 mmc myself. My first was back in 2010 after 12mths ttc. We had an early scan at 6.5wks and saw a healthy little bub with a good hb. Assumed that all was well, went along to our nt scam at 12.5wks excited but had our heart's crushed to find our bub no longer had a hb and was only measuring 8.5wks. I had a d&c the following day as my body showed no sign of mc naturally and I was still showing preg symptoms

    11mths later and after seeing a fs, we finally fell preg again. The most anxious wait but all went smoothly and our dd arrived in march 2012

    We decided to start trying for #2 last year when dd was 18mths. Thinking we would again be in for the long haul, we were shocked to find I was preg the first cycle off the mini pill. I was still bf dd and had only had 3 af since she was born which added to our shocked suprise thay it happened so quickly.

    First scan, all good, healthy hb. I did have a bleed a couple of days layer which was diagnosed as a very small sch at a second scan. Bub still happy and hb strong. We went along for our 'reassurance' scan a few weeks later and that same awful still picture awaited us on the screen. Bub was measuring 9.5wks but no hb. It was a very drawn out mc followed by a d&c some 4wks later

    I was in much the same mindset as you and had even said to dh with our 2nd angel that "surely we won't find ourselves in that position again" after we saw their hb. How naive we were to think it wouldn't happen exactly the same way again. The first one I had come to accept as 'sadly it happens' after the 2nd I was at such a loss as to why - and why my body couldnt seem to protect the baby whilst alive but at the same time couldn't let go of them once they'd passed

    I am currently closing in on 15wks preg again and so far, everything looks good. Hopefully between my dd and this preg, there is a glimmer of hope for you

    Hope things go ok for you tomorrow. I know you will know what to expect but feel free to ask any questions xx

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    Hi Olive, our stories are very similar. DP and I have been trying since September 2012 and I have has two mc in a row, one in June 2013 at 5.5 weeks and one in Feb that died at 10.5 weeks but only found out about at the 12 week scan. That was a hard one but luckily I had had the Verify blood test done at 10 weeks, the results of which came in the day after that dreadful scan, so we found out virtually straight away that it was baby girl that had Down's syndrome. Knowing why we had lost the baby helped a lot and at my age 38' nearly 39, two miscarriages or more in a row because of chromosome problems is not unusual. Anyway, my partner and I intend to keep trying as long as it takes, but having two mc in a row is so difficult because you feel like you will never be able to carry to term and the worry will be even worse the next time as you know that lightening can strike more than once. I am sorry that you are having to go through this heartache and I truly hope your next pregnancy will be your rainbow baby. X

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    Hi Olive, I have had 3 miscarriages in a row, totally know what you're going through
    I fell pregnant with dd1 by accident. All went well. We then started trying for another baby soon after she turned 1. I fell pregnant within a few months but suffered a miscarriage very early, about 5 weeks.
    About 2-3 months later I fell pregnant again and while my DH was away at a very remote location for work I learned at a dating scan at 7 weeks that it was a blighted ovum. My doc encouraged me to 'wait and see' and I waited and waited to miscarry until 12 weeks before having the D&C.
    About 2-3 months later I fell pregnant again and I was so anxious. Like I was crazy! It was all consuming! I had a dating scan and I saw the heart beat just before 8 weeks. Relief, well kind of. I was so so happy. Again my DH was away for work and I went for the big 12 week scan and there was no heart beat, my baby had died just after 8 weeks, so literally a few days after the dating scan. I was distraught. I again had a D&C but this time because I'd now had 3 losses in a row I begged the doctor at the hospital to run some tests on the remains. He was lovely and agreed to do it for me. I had to wait 6 weeks for my OBGYN appointment and I then discovered that the last pregnancy was a partial molar pregnancy. I had tumors growing and by my understanding if was like 2 sperm had fertilized the egg and so had too many chromosomes, it could never survive, beyond that initial heartbeat. I was told that the tumors had all been removed but to wait 6 months before trying again. We waited another 6 weeks, so 12 all up and my BFF told me she was pregnant with her second and after much research I decided that we would try again. I got pregnant that month! I was 5 weeks behind my BFF. That resulted with my gorgeous DD2 four months after she was born I found out I was pregnant again! When my dd2 was 13months old I had my DS. Sorry, long story but try to stay positive, I know it's hard, very hard. Because I had DD1 I knew I could get pregnant etc so I know that's a bit different. I truly believe it had something to do with me having the depo shot after dd1 was born. Wishing you all the best!

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    no real advice

    Just some ... it is so hard. Life is so sh*t some times

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    Hi Olive

    So sorry to hear your news. I've also suffered multiple losses. Last year I lost three babies, two of them at around 6 weeks and one at 10 weeks after seeing a heartbeat twice. After testing we found out that baby had a chromosone issue which at least gave us a reason.
    I have also since found out that i have a clotting disorder and have been on clexane with my latest pregnancy. I'm now 23 weeks and fingers crossed things are going well.
    This is my ninth pregnancy and I have one little boy.
    Please don't give up hope I'm sure your luck will change but I would suggest getting all the tests you can to see if there is something simple you could be doing that may help. For me I wish I'd discovered clexane a long time ago.
    Best of luck and again I'm so very sorry for your losses


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