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    Default Shared pregnancy care GP recommendations for Rosebud/Mornington Peninsula

    Hi all, I'm 8 weeks pregnant with our second baby and have recently moved to the Mornington Peninsula from WA. As I did not have a GP on the Peninsula I went to one recommended by a friend but I found her to be incredibly negative about the Australian public health system (she's from London) and not helpful at all in regards to my pregnancy. She has written all of my referrals for scans, blood tests etc and a letter to take to the Frankston hospital. She told me she does not do shared care and I will need to go to the hospital for all of my appointments where I will be seen by midwives only. She even argued with me over my due date and told me that I do not need a dating scan nor the 12 week nuchal testing. She did however write referrals for both scans and we have since had the dating scan done (to confirm my suspicion that I was more than a week further along than she predicted!) at full cost to us because she wrote on the referral that there was no medical reason to have it done!

    Would really appreciate any advice/experience regarding shared care GP's affiliated with the Frankston hospital that operate around/near Rosebud and just generally how the public system works here. In WA I had all my antenatal appointments at the local clinic with either a midwife or (public) GP/Obs and then delivered at the local public hospital with whichever Obs was on duty at the time. It just seems strange that there is not a similar service on the Mornington Peninsula. Really not looking forward to the 90 min round trip to Frankston each time I need to have a checkup. Thanks in advance

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    Hi and congrats on your pregnancy
    I had my two babies at Frankston, fully public, and had two excellent experiences, although two different birth experiences. Ask around though, so you can a informed as possible about which options you want from ante and postnatal care. The hospital has an antenatal care team run by the midwives which you can either go to across the road from the hospital, or to the maternity ward within it. No difference really, but they do shared care, or full antenatal/midwife care.
    The rosebud hospy closed the maternity part about a year or two ago, so now Frankston hospy services the entire mornington peninsula region. Bit of a drive for you, but you could also look into private hospital care closer to home if you're concerned.
    As for shared care, I'm not sure of the docs near you, but ring your gp or you can ring the antenatal/mat ward at the hospy to see if they know? The hospital has a myriad of services, and can take babies born at 34-35 weeks I think, as they are well equipped (have to be for an outer region hospital).
    I used to live in Seaford (next to Frankston) and my gp Dr Rekha Sharma at Belvedere Park Medical Centre in Seaford, does shared care. She is excellent, and specialises in expectant mums, and is very good with kids too.
    As for the costs, dating scans aren't a deemed standard by Medicare, neither is the nt, so it won't be bulk billed I don't think. You can always ask a gp if they'll bulk bill you for it, or find a bulk billing super clinic that can refer you. The bulk billing clinic in Frankston (davey or young st...I can never remember the name of it, but google it and it'll come up), and wells rd medical centre in Chelsea heights is also good I've found.
    There are some not so good ones around, but perhaps walk into one of your local shops or the local maternal child health centre and ask them who they use.
    Good luck with it all


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