We have just moved to Melb and are staying with my parents in Mernda until we find out own place to settle. We are looking at the NE Suburbs, mainly Eltham, Montmorency, Briar Hill, Macleod etc...
We have an almost 6yo (prep), a 4yo (kinder) and an 18th month old. Any advice on primary schools and kindergartens?
I've googled all the possibilities and will tour schools that we're very interested in but would love some first (or second) hand info. Particularly Sherbourne PS, but interested in hearing your thoughts on any schools you have experienced.
Any opinions on living in these areas would be great too. From what I can tell they're all pretty family friendly, country feel and nice communities.
Hubby is working in Fitzroy and the CBD so any advice on the best/least congested routes would be great!
Thanks heaps! Look forward to your thoughts.