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    Quote Originally Posted by VicPark View Post
    Thanks ladies. I think I will stop with the worrying until the clinic visit this week where bub will get weighed...
    DD1 became fussy to feed with her reflux but still exploded off the top of the health charts. She gained weight ridiculously fast. I don't see her thanking me for those genes when she's older.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bluebirdgirl View Post
    It does sound like reflux, but moderate. Any form of continual spewing is reflux to my knowledge.
    I've had two with reflux. Both I considered moderate. My sons was enough to concern me that I did consider medicating at one point but he was gaining tons of weight.
    Both grew out of it at around 7/9 months.
    If he's generally ok there's not much to do but try to prop him for sleeping, I had a foam wedge cut for my boys bed or people elevate the cot on bricks. And try to keep him upright after feeds and no tight clothes, all that stuff you can google.
    To say it's not reflux I do find a bit strange as it isn't 'normal' for babies to spew at all really, especially not everyday. Just sometimes it's only mild, but still reflux.

    Medication for reflux doesn't actually stop the vomiting - it is designed to lessen the acid made by the stomach or neutralise it, to prevent pain.

    And I would disagree that it's not normal for babies to spew at all. They have immature oesophageal muscles, so at a young age it is pretty normal. If baby wasn't gaining weight or not keeping any milk down this would be a different story though.

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    Of course babies spew occasionally, well some.
    My son with silent reflux never spewed at all. Ever. Nor did my daughter or other son who had no issues at all.
    As with anything there is mild, moderate and severe. You don't have to be severe with everything to get a diagnosis.
    I know what reflux medicine does. My last baby concerned me enough to do lots of reading to see what I could do to help him. The dr prescribed us something but because he was gaining weight I didn't want to fill my newborn with something he didn't really need.
    I'm not sure any baby is happy spewing all the time. My boy would get upset at times from it and we had some scary night feeds where it came out his nose and almost choked him a couple of times.

    I hope OPs lil one settles soon. Even if it's not completely ruling your life it's still upsetting watching them spew all day and time consuming washing things.


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