so I recently got diagnosed with PCOS
I also have Anemia and Hypothyrodism

When I was first diagnosed with PCOS I will admit I balled like a baby, just seemed like another blow to the journey of having a baby

I went to the doctor after coming off the pill a year ago, periods normally for a few months, then nothing for nearly 6 months

I am now under the care of a gynocologist who is/has sent me for more tests to check that everything is functioning fine before going down the path of medication.

I know its possible to have kids with PCOS as mf BF has 4 beautiful kids and she suffers from it.

I have been told by the gyno that I need to lose 13kgs to get to a normal BMI also before they will look at medication

My thing is, how would I know if I was pregnant if I am not ovulating? A normal cycle would mean that you know if late, but I dont cycle! and when I eventually do I dont know if it will be regular