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    Quote Originally Posted by Vanessalr89 View Post
    We are going private for our second with sjog this time,
    we had a rough birth with out first and wanted the privacy god forbid it happened again.

    This time I am considered high risk as I have gestational diabetes and am very insulin dependant. Our oop expenses are stacking up like crazy then to find out bub will probably be admitted once born means another excess on top of mine. It's nice knowing we have the privacy of our own room with a toddler coming up for visits, however knowing we are in for some issues when bubs born (phi said so nicely if there are issues and bub has to go to scu we have to pay for it)
    and knowing it will cost more we wish we went public we didn't pay a cent for our sons treatments (lights,bloods etc), we also now have to have a c-section so hoping that doesn't tick over (phi said it won't but we will see).

    This is our last however we wouldn't go private again simply because we have had things arise out of our control and now feel like we have to pay an absurd amount simply cause we aren't having a smooth pregnancy :/
    Is it too late to switch over to public? I know in terms of the public hospital accepting you it's not but what about financially?

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    We are meeting our specialist next week and will be having bub within 2 weeks unfortunately all a bit to late now.. Had we known all this earlier we would have probably but it is also crazy busy where we live with babies popping out everywhere lol


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