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    Its not about the $50 but I am worried about the lack of respect to parents and their concerns...How do you know if there is a really serious concern that she will act professionally??

    I had issues with the daycare my DS started about - it was the number one in our area and I was so happy to get in. The manager was a real b***h. She had a real us versus the parents kind of mentality. She fought to the death really trivial things like my 10 month old needing a straw cup - she tried to tell me they were a choking hazard and when I tried to nicely point out that it wasnt she changed the reasons. I ended up going to the director - who overuled it and like your manager she was really horrible when I had to drop my ds off - ignored me and ignored my ds.

    Unfortunately the care got worse and worse to the point they forgot to give my baby his bottle all day (on more than one occasion) and I saw them falsifying the daily activity book. I ended up pulling him out. The following day I came to pick up his things and asked to finalise my account which I did. 6 months later I got an invoice saying I owed $700 and they were going to take me to court if I didnt pay immediately.

    Personally in my experience I would pull him as these small things really show a centres colours. Sorry not telling you to of course just wanted to see it from someone who had been there.

    Unfortunately in my experience centres do not give alot of customer service as they know that if your unhappy and leave they can get another child straight away.

    It would be good to see more centres so that parents have more of a choice on where their child goes and what conditions

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    Well, not an argument so much but I did leave a rather curt note for the manager when DS first started (the manager didn't come in until about 10.30 til 3 so I often didn't see her. The note was about the accounts and other private forms being left out next to sign in sheets as I didn't think it was good practice due to privacy and they should go in parent pockets. The manager is a rude cow though so I never heard anything in return. That was 2 yrs ago and I rarely see her now but she is friendly when I do see her, maybe because my sister works there and I'm friendly with the carer's....

    I agree re the accounts - ours are so blooming confusing! 3 different sheets and the figures are hard to get your head around because they have (+) and (-) amounts here and there depending when they get the CCB and CCR refunds come through.... Now, I just keep my own spreadsheet and know exactly what week I'm up to!


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